We Have Overcome This Day

By Dr. Michael Obsatz – October 2022

We have all been wounded emotionally. Some of us have been abused physically or sexually. Others have been shamed. Some of us have endured beatings. Others have been harassed and verbally abused. Many of us have experienced losses of loved ones.

It is wounded world. If one isn’t hurt or abandoned in one’s family of origin, he or she has to endure a culture of Empire Consciousness, which focuses on domination, hierarchy, labeling, and being taught to believe that “You are not enough as you are.”

We work on our traumas and our wounds. We cry out, try to reach inner peace, and sometimes confront those who abused us. Some people move toward forgiveness. Others attempt reconciliation. Still others spend their lives believing that they are “damaged goods.”

Spiritually, we are all perfect children of Spirit — loved, lovable and loving. Nothing anyone did to us changes our magnificence. We are all shining lights.

Here is another way to look at this world of trauma and pain. I believe we are all “walking miracles.”
We have endured countless experiences of being hurt, shamed, and humiliated. We have kept some of our pain inside, and some of our pain oozes out into the world. Some people believe that “hurt people hurt people.” We can blame others, and stay in the mode of victim, or we can claim our wholeness, despite our suffering. As a matter of fact, our suffering has enhanced our wholeness while giving us empathy and compassion for others.

If we can focus on our “overcoming” the suffering and not just the suffering itself, we can discover how strong, resilient, and amazing we really are.

We are OVERCOMERS, and “walking miracles.” With this comes a feeling of inner power, strength, and fortitude we may not have known we have. We have been pushed beyond our limits and are still alive to talk about it. Some of us take our personal woundedness and use it help others who have been hurt.

The song “We Shall Overcome Some Day” is an incredible anthem of Black Americans. It is remarkable that Black people have made it through so much oppression, suffering and abuse and are still living, creating, and functioning. The same is true for Native Americans, Jews, GLBT people and other marginalized groups. I’d like to add another song to that one: “We Have Overcome This Day.”

If we can begin to focus on our overcoming, healing the wound, but not forgetting it, I believe we can move into gratitude and Oneness Consciousness. Jesus said, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” We can forgive others and show the world that they no longer have any power over us.

As OVERCOMERS, we radiate Divine Love, and support others as they come to know their own resilience, power and amazingness.

Empires will always die and implode. Those who hate also hate themselves. Oneness Consciousness is the healing solution. And OVERCOMERS, we can testify to the being “walking miracles.”

Go — tell it on the mountain.

© 2022, Dr. Michael Obsatz, all rights reserved, www.lifesjourney.us

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