What Really Matters

by Dr. Michael Obsatz – May 2022

Once a person reaches 80, life has a different feeling about it.  What used to seem important seems much less important.  Status, recognition, external signs of success — these have or have not been achieved. But, something changes on the inside.  A book about this is “Falling Upward” by Richard Rohr.  He states that spiritual growth becomes more of a focus as one ages.

So what really matters during the last few decades of life?  Here are 10 suggestions:

      1.   Good health is of premiere importance and maintaining energy and enthusiasm for life
      2.   Meaningful, lasting friendships
      3.   A sense of inner peace — my life has meant something.
      4.   Having helpful, caring nurturers — doctors, nurses, dentists, repair people, spiritual guides,
      5.   A spiritually supportive community, clerks and salespeople, barbers/hairdressers, etc.
      6.   Loving and accepting oneself, and forgiving past mistakes — freedom from shame, blame,
        and guilt
      7.   Hobbies and adventures that one enjoys
      8.   Seeing life in perspective — living with gratitude for all the joy and love one has received
      9.   Caring and compassion for those who are suffering — and making some contribution to support         them — the ill, the poor, the oppressed, the lonely
      10.   Passing on a meaningful legacy — leaving something of value for the world

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