Writing “My Story” Resources for
“The World of Me

Here are some resources to help you write your “My Story” first section “The World of Me.” You can download a pdf of the resources outlined below by clicking the link below. May your reflection and writing go well.

What does “My Story” mean? I was given this life. I made choices. Some of these choices were made for me. It is amazing how I have: 1) Adapted to many different circumstances and situations in my life 2) Maintained my integrity.

Why Write “My Story”

  • Pass it on as a legacy to your loved ones
  • To see what an amazing human being you are
    • The richness of this is you are creating a written celebration of your life
    • Reflect on how you have navigated through many different worlds
    • Reflect on how far you have come and what this has meant
    • This becomes an integration process of your life’s journey
      • When you see yourself in new ways it helps you relate to others better
    • You can focus on how the world is messed up or how amazing it is to look at all the things that you have gotten to do in your life
    • It’s interesting to look at how people and situations came into your life at certain times which provided you unplanned opportunities to learn from.
    • Get in touch with how amazing it is that you have navigated through so many predicable and unpredictable situations in your life.
    • You can pass on to loved ones “My Story” that tells how beautiful and amazing you are. They will see how beautiful and amazing they are too.

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