Empire Consciousness Lessons:

Eighteen Lies We Are Taught as Children

by Dr. Michael Obsatz – July 2023

We are little, powerless, and open to learning as small children.  Through our parents, families, and friends, strangers, teachers, and mass media, we learn about the world, and our place in it.

Some of the messages are encouraging and helpful.  Some are true.  But many of them come from a narrow way of thinking — Empire Consciousness.  Here are just eighteen of the lies we were taught when we are children:

        1. Some people are better than others.
        2. Getting attention from others is very important.
        3. You must do something very important to get noticed.
        4. Your life is worthwhile only if you get to the top.
        5. Being alone means you are unpopular.
        6. Being ostracized or put down is not a big deal.
        7. Knowing when to hold on, and when to let go is easy.
        8. Praise and acceptance come when you do something of value.
        9. The world will go on even if some people are mean, selfish, thoughtless, or ruthless.
        10. Living with quiet kindness is a waste of time.
        11. Serving others is lowly.
        12. Creative expression is optional, not very important.
        13. Be open, vulnerable with everyone.
        14. Everything, including loving relationships, lasts forever.
        15. Pain and suffering will go away if we deny that they exist.
        16. Forgiveness is a one-time thing.
        17. All people pay a price for their destructive and selfish behavior.
        18. You have plenty of time to grow and change.

As long as people believe these lies, we will continue to have isolation, disconnection, depression, addictions, immature behavior, violence, and narcissism.  Marianne Williamson, in “Return to Love” tells us that “Love is what we are born with.  Fear is what we learned here.”  We also learn Empire Consciousness, a very self-absorbed, narrow perspective which perpetuates suffering and exploitation.

If we want world peace, a healthy environment, and compassion — we must face the lies, and grow into maturity and Oneness Consciousness.  Nobody is safe until everyone is safe.   Abraham Maslow said that safety was a primary need.

We need to expose the lies as lies and start living from a higher level of awareness.

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