Lifetime Joys, Losses, and Everything In-Between Timeline

by Dr. Michael Obsatz and David Tillman – 2022

Have you ever taken time to look back at your life’s journey so far?

Why do we look back at our life?

    • We can identify turning points in our lives.
    • To clarify and organize our thinking about life, make sense of events, and enrich the meaning of our life.
    • We might discover some timeless insights to help guide us into our future.

I invite you to use the Lifetime Losses, Joys, and Everything In-Between Timeline worksheet and write about your major joys, losses, and everything in-between which have happened so far in your life.

In the worksheet, there is room for twelve events that took place (feel free to add more events). In each one of the twelve events, enter a life event/transition and what you have learned. Then for each of the events, indicate on the timeline at the top of the first page a circle with the event number placing it above the year the event took place. For example, if your first event was getting married at the age of twenty-two, then place a circle with a “1” inside it, above the age of twenty-two on the timeline.

Journal or share with a trusted friend or circle of trusted friends.

      1. Share about your experience of creating your “Lifetime Losses, Joys, and Everything
        In-Between” worksheet. (Was it easy or difficult for you to do? Were there any surprises of what events you included or did not include?)
      2. Share any of your feeling, insights, or overall mood, which came to you as you entered events, dates, and what you had learned on the worksheet (What insights about your life surprised you?)
      3. When looking at your timeline with the events in circles above the year in your life, share about those periods of your life that were exceedingly difficult, challenging, depressing, full of love, joy, and hope, or somewhere in between. At what age(s) do you see turning points in your life?

Option 1: Create a Lifetime worksheet just for your losses/transitions in life. Another one for your joy’s in life. Others for whatever you can imagine (i.e., jobs, relationships, education, spirituality/religion).

Option 2: Create a Lifetime worksheet with a parent, grandparent, spouse/partner, children, grandchildren, or friend. Or for a loved one who has died. Hopefully, this will give insights and enrich the meaning of the lives of all who are involved.

© 2022, Dr. Michael Obsatz and David Tillman, all rights reserved,

Lifetime Joys Losses and Everything In-Between Timeline Worksheet – page 1 – 2022 –

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