Who Are In Your Circle of Family and Friends?

Who are in your circle of family and friends today? On the worksheet, print the names of family and friends you interact with daily, weekly, monthly, or once or twice a year.

Write your family and friends’ names into each circle. 

The inner circle is the “circle of intimacy.” This would include yourself (“Me”) and those people in your life that you are the “most close” to. People you could not imagine living with. Include names of those close family and friends who have died and are still living fully in your heart and mind.

The second circle is the “circle of friendship.” These are people in your life that you are close to, however, not close enough to be in your circle of intimacy.

The third circle is the “circle of participation.” These are people in your life whom you are associated with through community groups or services. People at school, church, work, and social groups, or medical/professional service providers who you interact with.

Journal or share with a family or friend in your “Circle of Intimacy.”

    1. Share about your experience of creating your own Circle of Family and Friends on the worksheet.
      (Was it easy or difficult to do? Were there any surprises of whose names you put in what circle or names you left off?)
    1. Share any of your feeling, insights, or overall mood, which came to you as you entered names on your Circle of Family and Friends worksheet.
      (What did you learn about yourself and your relationship with family and friends?)
    1. Tell a story of being with one of the people in your “Circle of Intimacy” and what that relationship and friendship have added to your life.

Option 1: Create a Family and Friends Circle worksheet for various times in your life. For example, during childhood, and then every five, ten, or twenty years thereafter. Put them side to side and reflect on how your family and friend’s circles have changed throughout the years, or not changed. Look at what was happening in your life when you added or removed someone from your “Circle of Intimacy.” What did you learn from this experience?

Option 2: Include after a person’s name their relationship to you.

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